quiet living at the border of Vinohrady and Vršovice

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layout of flat 2

Flat 2 – maisonette variant 6.2

The flat is designed really in a very interesting and practical way in terms of its disposition. Just from the entrance you can see a living room with a wonderful semicircular window, with a connected kitchenette and a luxury dining-room. There are two bedrooms with a terrace, a separated bathroom and a toilet upstairs. There is also a very practical dressing room here.

Room No.Room nameArea
6.2.01Corridor4,6 m2
6.2.02WC1,9 m2
6.2.03Living room28,6 m2
6.2.04Dining-room12,6 m2
6.2.05Kitchen7,1 m2
6.2.06Corridor7,0 m2
6.2.07Bedroom11,3 m2
6.2.08Bedroom12,5 m2
6.2.09Bathroom6,9 m2
6.2.10Chamber room7,5 m2
6.2.10WC1,7 m2
Total 101,5 m2
6.2.12Terrace9,0 m2